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Brewmation is an industry leader in turnkey brewing systems and automation solutions. They have been providing the craft brewing and distilling industries with custom brewhouses and cellar equipment since 2003.

Their offerings include manual and automated control systems, as well as a complete line of brew house and cellar vessels (HLT, CLT, kettle, mash/lauter tun, fermenters, & brite tanks) ranging from 1 BBL pilot systems to 30 BBL breweries. They also supply filter presses, keg washers, CIP systems, mobile pumps, grain handling solution and controls, glycol chillers, boilers, and a full line of turnkey components, such as pumps, valves, piping, and fittings.

Website: www.brewmation.com

Stout Tanks and Kettles are the Craft Brewery Experts. They provide the highest quality, most cost effective brewing equipment in the industry. Staffed by brewers with substantial commercial brewing experience, you get the best guidance and assistance possible to start or grow your brewery.

They offer: Brewhouses from 1/2 to 30 bbl | Turnkey Brewing Systems from 1/2 to 30 bbl | Fermenters and Brite Tanks up to 200 bbl | Hopbacks | The Gladiator Keg Cleaner – best in class | Kegs | Malt Mills for Craft Brewers | PIlot Brewing Systems | Cider Tanks | Wine Tanks | IBC Containers | Custom Tanks | Wide variety of Tri Clamp fittings and small parts.

Website: www.conical-fermenter.com

For nearly three decades, Thermaline has manufactured innovative heat transfer solutions made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

Website: www.thermaline.com

It’s All About Keeping Your Craft Cold. FOR ALMOST 30 YEARS, PRO CHILLER HAS BEEN LEADING THE CHARGE IN INSTANT COOLING. Today, there are 1,000+ breweries that trust their beers to Pro Chiller Systems. They service small 3 bbl breweries with an annual production of a couple hundred barrels a year to the large regional breweries producing several hundred thousand barrels. They strive to educate the world on why the chiller system is the most important piece of equipment in the brewery. From cooling the wort, to controlling fermentation, to crash cooling vessels, thru prepackaging and product storage – there’s no other piece of equipment integral to so many steps in the process of making beer.

Website: www.prochiller.com

Founded in 1936 and family-owned, Columbia Boilers has earned a solid reputation for building dependable, long-lasting boilers.

Website: www.columbiaboiler.com

Micropure Filtration, Inc. specializes in filtration for the food and beverage industry. MFI is industry leader in Sterile Air, Sterile CO2, and Culinary Steam Filters. Their segmented filter element offers a unique cost effective alternative to the standard filter element. MFI also manufactures a Mash Press for Breweries of any size.

Website: www.micropure.com

North Star Leasing provides equipment financing for breweries across the US to help them expand, start-up and succeed. Since 1979, they have been dedicated to helping businesses grow by enabling them to get the critical tools they need to be successful. With a wide variety of flexible financing programs available, North Star Leasing has a funding solution to suit your unique business equipment needs.

Website: www.northstarleasing.com

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Over a quarter century ago ProBrewer went online to serve the brewing industry. That remains their sole mission, purpose and focus. It’s their “Why.” Our mantra is “For The Greater Good of Beer.” Every feature, action and decision is filtered through this ethos.

Website: wwww.probrewer.com